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Custom Murals and Art
Original Artwork by Daniel Leggett Art
Serving Galveston and Southeast Harris County 


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Daniel creates original hand-painted artwork including commissioned murals, and wall art painted on repurposed driftwood. 

To schedule an appointment for a free consultation and estimate, please click our Contact Now button below. 


Consultations Include:

  • Discussion about what you'd like for your mural or art, and what you envision it to be.

  • Measurement of the space where your mural will be painted. 

  • Materials to be used.

  • Pricing. 

  • How weather conditions could affect when and how long Daniel paints outdoor murals.

  • Any other questions you may have. 


Your deposit must be paid in advance in order to reserve your space on Daniel's calendar. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about current markets and galleries featuring Daniel's original wall art. 

galveston mural by daniel leggett
Daniel Leggett Painting
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