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Hello, and welcome to my website! I'm a Texan artist that specializes in painting murals on outside walls but I also paint on wood. I often get questions about how much my art might cost. It all depends on the type of surface you want to be painted. If it's a fence it has to be primed first and sometimes treated with a bleach solution and pressure washed then I use the highest quality exterior latex from Sherwin Williams. I then do the artwork with acrylic paint using brushes, not airbrushes and seal it with either polyurethane, or if you want something that lasts forever I use KBS clear coat. Which is very expensive.

If your wanting a mural on cinder block then that has a different type of primer and often has to be prepped with a bleach solution and pressure washed that is lots more expensive than a regular primer. I still use the same exterior latex and do the artwork with acrylic paint. Then seal it with KBS clear coat.

Each mural is unique and depending on the size, surface area and content is how I determine the price. I have a professional painter do the base coats and the exterior latex in the color I want then I transform it to its 3D effect. I don't to street graffiti with spray cans that will fad in two years. My work is built to last decades. I don't cut corners and I don't take the easy way. My work is priced very reasonably for the amount, materials, and quality of work I put into it. 

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